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Our Mission

When did planning weddings become so stressful and complicated? What happened to focusing on the couples' wishes?

One bride at a time, we strive to make their wishes come true. That is why every bride is treated to a private luxurious appointment setting that allows each client to relax and receive undivided attention so we can focus on what matters... your wishes

Our Philosophy

Brides come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities so why isn't there a bridal store that offers a truly unique selection?

At the Bridal Genie Boutique we pride ourselves in making the search for the perfect dress fun, exciting and simple!

Listening to your wish to create your vision is my passion. This helps me provide a personalized luxury experience, one bride at a time.
"G" Daniel

Our Story

I've been the Maid of Honor and planned so many weddings that I've been dubbed the Professional MOH!

That lead to me working at one of the major bridal store chains for years and I LOVED IT! What I love most is that moment when she knows that she's in HER dress; the moment she's found the one. I decided to open up my own boutique so that I could offer all my brides a personalized, private, luxury experience with financial guidance.

Our Services

Bridal Styling

Your wedding planning adventure starts here! Each couple's personal style, budget, and wedding vision are keys to designing a unique bridal shopping experience at Bridal Genie Boutique. Together we review your wishes and set the plan in motion by identifying [your wedding dress] and theme. All other elements will begin to fall into place accordingly.

During your appointment, you will learn the best body solution foundation and dress silhouette for your body type. You will then try a few of our enchanting samples. The Bridal Genie is sure to share some "Big Day" hacks with you while styling you. Several accessory, bouquet, and even shoe selections will be on hand to give you a true sample of the complete ensemble.

Bridal Concierge

No need to worry about where you can "hide" your dress between purchase, alterations, and your big day. Boutique to Bridal Suite Service ensures that your wedding dress is maintained in a secured, well ventilated area. Your dress will be delivered to your alterations and steaming appointment with one of our preferred seamstress/cleaners.

On the day of the wedding, I will arrive with your dress, steamed* and ready to style and fasten you to make your flawless debut. I can remain on hand post ceremony to position dress during your photo session and bustle for reception! This allows you and your bridal entourage to fully immerse yourselves in the true fun, love and experience of your big day sans any awkward or frantic dress moments.

The Bridal Concierge service ensures that I am with you every step of the way, from vision to reality including research and selection expert wedding vendors, to off-site dress fittings, venue searches, bride tribe meetings, and so much more.

Transport of Bridal Crew dresses is available. This is a separate service. This option reduces the worries of your guys/gals forgetting to pick up outfits, small details, accessories, or having items accidentally separated or wrinkled/damaged during travel. Bridal Genie Boutique will ensure your entire bridal entourage receives their complete registered attire** prior to the ceremony and assist with any requests.


Wedding Planners are an valuable part of your wedding experience and should be included in the wedding budget if possible. Bridal Genie Boutique has access to preferred partners that offer such services.

If you prefer to plan your big day without a wedding planner, please consider booking a wedding management session as soon as possible. During this session, I will provide valuable wedding management info. This information will save you a lot of time and money during your wedding planning. Our Styling and Concierge Services will be explained in depth and made available to you.

Having a personal bridal assistant to help you complete specific wedding tasks and manage your wedding planning journey will allow you to stay organized, and maintain your lifestyle while planning your wedding.

Contact me today to discuss your customized Bridal Styling & Consultation package!

Other Services

Bridal Gown Steaming

Groom Styling
I will work with our preferred groom stylists to provide dressing services for grooms and groomsmen.

Wedding Budgeting & Guidance

Our Collections

Table of Contents

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White One Essentials 2021

Table of Contents

The Bohemian One
pg 1-22
The Sexy One
pg 23-54
The Minimalist One
pg 55-66
The Romantic One
pg 67-112
The Classic One
pg 113-142
White One 2021

Table of Contents

Queenly Romanticism
pg 1-2, 5-26
Flowy Elegance
pg 3-4, 27-44
Essential Charm
pg 45-46, 49-54
Glam Waves
pg 47-48, 67-78
Dreamy Sensuality
pg 65-66, 97-118
Bohemian Poetry
pg 79-96
Nicole Milano 2021

Selecting a wedding dress is more than just a fitting... It's a process- a memory in the making.

~ Olivelli Cape Town

What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it

~ Yves Saint Laurent

Selecting a wedding dress is more than just a fitting... it's a process- a memory in the making

~ Olivelli Cape Town

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